July 3, 2007

Enterprising, I Know

Yeah...... I'm totally bubblin' in Dublin too ;)

Damn I love my shop. My professional photographer shot it for the cover of the Leprechaun Mag, which will be out on the 1st of August.

How fetch! I think A.M. Rownan did an amazing job with the photography. I love it. I'm a big fan of his work. He has a website featuring the best shots taken around Dublin itself. I have just come to know about this, this morning during a discussion.

I hear viewing is by invite only, as he gets emails and fan mail from Japan, China, Italy, Malay girls in Ireland and so forth, and finds it extremely hard dealing with them. It'll only be a matter of time before he starts receiving pink undies in the mail -_- Hahaha.

Right, I'm headed off back to the Skylon now to have a meeting with my business partner over a pint of Guinness for the partner and some whiskey for the CEO aka moi. Thanks ;)

Geez, I wish they had Leong Cha here....... I'm dying for a glass right now :( I miss home!!!!

July 2, 2007

Panic Attack

Taken from the Shana the Loomer's lame blog. Don't ask me how I got it... after all, I NEVER EVER read her blog!!!!!


Whenever I see the anna banana sour kana she always greet me like this...

Me: You LOOMER! I know u read my blog today
ABSK: Don't be so perasan..who wants to read ur lame blog
Me: You la loomer, see your laughing!
Me: Funny right!
ABSK: No its so lame!!!!!!!!!!!!
Me: Aha! u read it
ABSK: No!!!!............

Hahaha.... Shana's sucha cow. I know I inspire her all the time to write things about me...... (*sigh) what to do, what to do... Unfortunately, that paragraph seriously is the first thing we say to each other all the time. She's 16 by the way, in case you're wondering. Or 17.

She thinks I'm obsessed with her blog...... I think it's damn lame (*although, don't ask me how I found out this little entry about me.... my little rat that hangs around my keyboard found it for me) :D

Eh.... I'm also getting damn lame now! I'm off to go and look at Career Management websites now! I soooo need a proper CV done up, and I've been procrastinating since Friday. I am going to SMACK MYSELF SILLY, I TELL YOU!

This is exactly what i put down in my organizer for today:
  1. Work 9-5
  2. Do CV
  3. Read I-20 (*from uni) - get embassy details, blablabla...
  4. Forward and reply uni emails
  5. Send out emails to the cousins about not being able to attend their weddings as I won't be here.. :( but consolation: No family drama. Perfect.
  6. Read draft letter to be sent off to NY.

I haven't even gotten started. Wanna know what I've finished? Number 1.

I don't even want to write all I have down for the week. I HAVE TO STICK TO WHATEVER THAT HAS BEEN PLANNED THOUGH! (*gets jittery)

I need help.

Help? Please?

June 30, 2007

You're Nuffink Compared to Fffffficky

June 27, 2007

Prison Break My Heart

I've never been a big religious tv watcher. Ok, maybe I was back when I was slightly younger... but I'm probably the most backward person ever when it comes to movies.

Everyone raves about Lord of the Rings.... I keep quiet, coz I don't bloody know until today who the horbits are. Yeap, never watched even one.

Pirates of the Caribbean is the rage now isn't it.. and till today I still don't get how Johnny Depp is hot. Geez man... his hair hangs in his face and his blue glasses are just disgusting. Ok, I'm taking a risk by typing this one out, and might get a nasty comment or so... but I still don't find him a tad attractive.

I however, religiously watch Prison Break.

Be still my heart.

Wentworth Miller is a god ok. After hearing everyone talk about it, I was like... hmmm... ok, maybe I'll check it out on Starworld (*which is 1 season behind 8TV... and everyone I know's on season 2 already). But anyway.

I missed last night's episode, as they were about to escape from prison. I was fidgety, coz I was dying to watch it, but I had something more important on my mind, and decided to go with that. I managed to catch the re-run this afternoon. Thank God my brother surrendered the remote and left me alone at home.

I sat there and watched how all their plans failed, and how Lincoln was going to be executed. I was cursing and was like...


Until they made him put on a diaper, and Veronica hugged Lincoln and told him she loved him the moment she laid her eyes on him... and then (*tears welling up for real) when Michael hugged his brother and cried.

(*Sobs).... It's not bloody fair ok!

I was SOOOOO upset. I had to calm myself down after that whole episode and play the piano. Oh and I also had to constantly remind myself that it's just a movie..... Wentworth and Dominic are laughing their asses to the bank. They're very happy people....

Then I see Wentworth's worried look, and of helplessness as Dominic is led to the chamber.....

(*holds heart... so painful).

They better do something, I tell you! I cannot take this!!! Too much stress.

Who the hell dribbles I <3 u in white man.... stupid girl fans..... em..... em... uhm.... ignore the writing in red please.... I'M LATE FOR WORK... I'M NOT THINKING RIGHT!!!!!!! BYEEEE!!!! (*runs out the door) :)

June 26, 2007

A Hop, Skip, Jump and An Eye Roll

Brilliant. Tuesday. 1 more day to the middle of the week. 2 more work days after to the weekend. Anytime for salary.....

Mooolah, babeh.

Jojo loikes. Mucho :D

I'm thrilled this week, because I'm only working half day all week (*dances around the room). Well, I do have to go in for 3 hours every evening to the store (*my 2nd part time job) everyday... but I haven't been in for a while, and I actually sort of miss doing nothing (*except entertaining customers and telling them that the black tote with fur is gorgeous and the huge holiday bag is perfect for travelling in style... OOOH!!! and my favourite... accessory bag (*which is out of stock even in Australia) is very sexy, and can be used as a damn chick make up bag, or even a handbag altogether)... compared to my everyday one- of sales and entertaining commercial or domestic clients.

I'm enjoying everything though.

As for my third job of teaching.... all my students have left for overseas and holidays up north! WHOOPEEDOO!!!

Holiday for students = Holiday for teacher :)

I'm just after teaching, and am about to leave to the store in an hour. Driving back, this song came on the radio, that I hadn't heard in ages. I was at the junction and it cracked me up.

Looked like a bloody psycho laughing so loudly to myself in the car.

Watch to the end ok??? You absolutely MUST see right to the end... try to look carefully.

You watched right to the end righttt??? And you saw nothing, but a bunch of panzies dancing worse than girls while belting out their wet dreams about Destiny's Child, Madonna, Janet Jackson (*UGH), Jennifer, Angelina Jolie, etc.

So bloody poofy and can sing about them some more. They should be singing about George and John and Dick and the gardener next door.

Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Actually it was nothing lar... I just thought the song was hilarious, after not hearing it for years. And I knew that if I didn't trick you into watching it, you woulda automatically stopped it. But, haha anyway.

June 24, 2007


I co-write too ok ;)

In case you've been missing me....

Go here

June 22, 2007

About Time For A New One

Since everyone's away now.... Snu still in Totti land; Jacqui now in Canada, Al, halfway across the globe.... I haven't gotten down to getting anyone to write for me... hahah :(

(*such a lazy blogger)...

I don't know how some update their blogs everyday, but I suppose that would come naturally if I was in the flow with everything and everyone. Unfortunately, I am not.

Anyhoo, having Jacqui down for one night was nice... unfortunately everyone was busy, and I was caught up at work too, so we didn't manage to get much partying done, but I promised her that we'll have a kick ass one, before mid August.

The 2 Facebookers...

Lazy Sunday afternoon....

Jacqui tryin to turn me on...

Yum -_-

My intimate relationship with coffee

Jojo: Smileeeee Jacquiiii!!!! (*Snap snap)

Jacqui: Common, Jojo... work it babeh, WORK IT!
Jojo: Hahahahaha!! STOP! You're wrecking my pose
(*Hence the very messed up laugh! ahah)

Wheeee.... I'll pick ya up in August babes!

June 15, 2007

Bad Monkey Bad.

Okay.... so it's been yonks since I updated this, but since my other co-writers are all taking breaks; one gallavanting all over Italy with her Totticello bello, another partying right now in KL at a Miss Malaysia private party (*which I didn't make, because I've been incredibly tired with work... by the way.... the only reason I jumped was because the amount of Vodka that was going to be served, according to our very own finalist, Crystal), and another who has just started work and has been given a top executive position in Europe, and lastly myself; who has been not so busy with work previously, but now I'm a big director and have a proper 9-5 job, thanks.

Ahhh...... "La Dolce Vita".....

Bollocks. I wish.

Okay, I shouldn't complain for not bumming anymore, with my lady of leisure lifestyle.. but some mornings I pray and ask God to turn back the time so that I can sleep for another 6 hours.

Fine. Every morning :'(

In other news, it had been sometime since I caught up with the regular jokes around PJ, and got a call from the revolutionist herself, Tse Mei, asking me to go out to shop with her. We ended up at 1920's at the Curve. Gave Spitty-Titty the Minilingam, Kenneth a call to come for a drink.

We ended up talking and laughing till midnight, when Kenneth reignited our (*Tse Mei's and my) very matied 'Carpe Scrotum Revolution' which went by the tagline of 'Grabbing Life by the Balls'.

It was a huge joke sometime last year, and we had a couple of members in our club, but then we got thrown off boys- I mean LIFE.... and abandoned our revolution altogether. It was pretty funny talking about the old stuff... Tse Mei reckons we need rings that are engraved with the Scrotum tagline.

I got the funniest comment later on that night that sent me flying into fits of laughter. Kenneth seriously wins best comment giver, hands down!

The rebirth of the Scrotum Revolution is nigh!

Keep an eye out for Jo's revolutionary and scrotum busting innovations!

The Scrotumeister, The Scrotum Something.. and many more that she would probably think up without breaking a sweat..

Keep it up scrotumeyes, if you think hard we could probably get rich on merchandising, open Kedai Skrotum-skrotum and expand worldwide!


(*Falls off chair laughing) .... seriously, Kedai Skrotum-Skrotum got me the most. SOOOO HILARIOUS, KINNITH!!! Hahaha. Oh wells, I named Kenneth the Scrotumeister. Yeah, we were talking about how we should do a Jagermeister night, and the name evolved. Geez Kenneth, making up names isn't physics or anything...

Today, I was bored at work, and decided to give Alchie-the Alcoholic, Sheila a call from my office phone (*so she didn't recognize the number). Spoke with an Australian accent, saying that I was from the University of Queensland, offering a scholarship for 20,000 aussie. Thing is... she's just enrolled at Segi here.... so that really wasn't connected at all, but dear ol' Sheerar fell for everything, until I let out a tiny chuckle at the end and she picked it up.

Josh was on the other end, saying "Spank me" to me.... -_-. Josh is Sheila's bf.

Long story.

Jacqui's down, and she's staying over tomorrow night before flying off to her land of maple syrup! We'll have fun like how we always do.

Hahahahahahahahahaha. That was the last time we got together. Welcome back babes!

(*Well, for the weekend :D)

June 7, 2007

"10 Reasons why Facebook is better than Myspace" and other junk

I'll admit it. I'm an online-networking junkie. Living internationally has shown me all of its benefits as I'm able to keep in touch with friends and family who are strewn across the world without having to write mass emails about all the wonderful happenings in my life once a month. People who I haven't seen in a year no longer freak out about the length or color of my hair, because they can see my pictures. I don't have to explain the same story to a billion different people because they've all read about it already.

Yeah. Online networking is a good thing.

The problem is, however, finding a network worth sticking with. I have Friendster, and if a very special person and some irreplaceable tesitmonials weren't on there, it would be deleted. Yes, Friendster is basically useless. I had High-5. It was a wannabe Friendster that never really got anywhere, and I deleted after getting stalked one too many times by my sister's friends. I have Myspace, but it's slowly losing its appeal (I'll get to that in a minute), and I have Facebook. As I prepare my deletion (is that even a word? It sounds good...) of my Myspace account, I wanted to share my reasons with my other Myspace picture whore (Jojo, of course) and anyone else who is bored enough to read this shit.

So here we go... in no particular order:
"10 Reasons why Facebook is better than Myspace."

1. Facebook is better for stalking. I like being nosy and knowing what's happening with people. Facebook makes it that much easier, minus the little counter that tells you how many profile views you've had. Yeah, I hate it when someone asks "Did you just check my Myspace pro?" "Um... yeah." "Haha, cuz I saw the counter go up." Lame.

2. Facebook makes it easier to find people you used to know. Forget Top Friends, I can find people I went to elementary school with by searching specific networks. The groups seem to be more controlled as people tend to join only those they're actually interested in. Sure, some of them are pointless, but they're still fun.

3. Facebook is more private. I no longer have to worry about stalkers who send me messages saying "Hii hii! nama saya blablabla. we be fwendz? PS: you looking verry hott!" Plus you can allow certain people to only view your limited profile, which protects you some more. Woohoo!

4. Facebook is better for picture whores, like me. All of a sudden, all the pictures I put in, plus all the pictures my friends put in of me are listed under my pictures. Which is a good thing, because otherwise you have to wait for people to email you the pics for the sole reason of putting them up on your own page.

5. More of my friends have Facebook. Within 2 weeks of using Facebook, I had 100 friends - all of which are people that I know and would like to keep in touch with.

6. No idiots who mess up their coding and shut down your internet with their "kewl" profile pages. How many times did my computer freeze because someone's page had fifty thousand of their most favorite videos on it? Or twenty-seven slideshows of them and their closest friends? Or just plain bad coding? Ugh. Annoying.

7. Facebook doesn't have the hacker problem. I haven't had a problem yet, and talking to my friends who have had Facebook for years, no one they know has ever gotten their account hacked in to.

8. Facebook doesn't have the spamming problem. This goes along with number 7. Sooo many of my friends have gotten their account hacked. The result? A bunch of bulletins and comments saying "Get a $500 gift card for Macy's" or "Click here for the hottest girl on the web." Someone effing shoot me now.

9. Facebook doesn't have annoying ads everywhere. Sure, they charge for their gifts, but at least I don't have to see stupid ads for the "cutest smileys on the web." Plus I got a free gift to give anyway (which I gave to Jojo, btw) so it's not like I really have to spend any money.

10. Facebook doesn't have annoying profiles that try to add you. No cam-whores. No "hot girls" saying they earn money by doing online surveys. No crappy bands looking for fans. No slutty 14 year olds looking for "friends." No creepy old men looking to hit on the 14 year olds and getting distracted by my profile. Yup, all that shit is for Myspace.

So all in all, Myspace sucks balls and will probably be deleted in about 2 months. And Facebook is my new best friend.

Not that I'll have oodle amounts of time to check either of them starting from 11 days from now, cuz I'm heading back to CANADA for holidays (go ahead, try to stalk me. If you show up in my town, everyone will know you don't belong anyway). Oh it's going to be a good time. I can't wait to drive the backroads with my cousin. And go running without sweating buckets (or sweating buckets just sitting still). And play hide and seek with my little cousins. And get tipsy in the backyard with my uncles. And protect my sister from guys older than me trying to hit on her.

I promise I'll take lots of pictures. Check my Facebook. ;)

Love, Jacqui

June 3, 2007


Did you know that ciao! means hello in italian rather than the standardized ciao ala goodbye we proverbially use in malaysia?! thought not...or thought so... you'll be wondering where I'm heading with this but rather than title my original rather boring blog post as "MY LITTLE ITALIAN JAUNT" which i KNOW will immediately catch Miss Jojo's attention...for reasons i refuse to explain...i shall start off with my oscar acceptance speech on how brilliant it is for miss jojo to insist on me posting on her blog....dank you dank you grazie merci mucho gracias xxx

First of all, big big huge news! My exams are over, yes so either it may mean that yes I have more time to indulge in this net/blog/facebook banter (i will get back to this later) or rather not as i have already made plans to go jaunting off to the european continental seas...for the rest of the remaining month of june- it will be the latter! Sorry jojo i know u will miss me but u will <3 <3 the stories i bring back to you yes? I mean get this we as in my friend and I found 1 p flight tickets to Venice-Venise-Venezia this Friday and since we are free and we kinda made a pact to go traveling after exams, it is time to honour that promise =D of course la after airport tax etc its like 20 something pounds but i won't bore you with the maths! We'll be coming back on the 19th June from Rome and in between Venice and Rome, we're gonna hit Florence and Pisa too=) Only problem is at the moment accomodation in Venice is soo expensive for this weekend because 1. it is the weekend, and 2. we are already in high season aka summer *my heart beats a happy sigh when i think of summer* so we may have to leave Venice earlier and spend more time in Florence, which is fine by me as I'm really really looking forward to the museums/galleries and all that art and buildings=) yes I am a sucker for architecture!!!
Hey Jojo wasn't ur hot and i mean hawt italian net pal from which part of italy again? so yeah of course my barcelona friend (Catrina who came with me to barcelona) started making fun of me and a summer fling! and all that shit of " when in Rome, do as the Romans do") worse still is that my more conservative friend whom Im going with on this jaunt agreed and taruk the salt! Oh wait even my mum was cracking lame ass corny jokes about the gondoliers too....n i was like "ewwww mum puh-leeeze ah" I told cat, puh-leeze i dunno why but italian guys give me this stereotype...a bad one! u know with the greasy slicked- back gelled- hair with the little cowlicks flicking out just under their ears?! uh-huh got the picture. otherwise, just go check out the world cup italian football team....ooh except for totti, but even then in my personal opinion he only looked hawt for germany 2006 after he cut off all his disgusting hair! oh and let's not even go to hairy chests...of course that said, i'd always makes exceptions for friends like jojo's who looks just well swoon-worthy!

Anyway, i'm more excited about visiting the sistine chapel and vatican city too and hey why not since I'm there pray for my debauched soul. n i was cracking up when i was reading my bible-of a guide book which was explaining about living in the areas near vatican etc, connotations of nuns/nunhood and well i know my whole nun complex always sets jojo off like a firecracker! so no explanation required over here! Anyway please ah I'm going in search of redemption so expect pious little me to come back a changed person who has seen the light and i'll let u know if i get to wave at the pope haha;p and er... oh yeah the wonders and beauty of italian renaissance art....oh yeah and i think it'd be cute to see all the mopeds/vespas scooting around...

which reminds me i really really should go about SETTING MY REPUTATION STRAIGHT after u've just shot it to bits via facebook PUBLIC messages and pictures....ohhh dear god what have i done? unleashed the devil in jojo when i kept bugging her to sign up for facebook! So Abda came upto me and said, " Su I've been reading ur msges.... on the photos...good lord...." n i was like "huh woman why are u busy stalking me when u have exams...." but she said " err hello, im tagged in the photo so whenever u and joanna write to each other it keeps coming up on my walls too" she was like "wampant rabbit?" *biggg intake of breath* i wasn't amused....and then we were watching an ad tonight on tv which showed a family of rabbits for glade freshener in the home, and then suddenly abda sighs and goes "i wish i was a rabbit!" i turn to her stunned of course then i crack up laughing...and she 's like "huh?" then she gets it and she goes ohhhhh hahahhaahahaha NOT THAT KIND OF RABBIT!!!!"

anyway deviation from my june plans to keep u informed, after i get back from italy, i go off for the glastonbury festival for about 5 days (which im also really excited about) as finally i get to catch the killers live and arctic monkeys and amy winehouse and loads more....n stomp about to good music in the mud and my wellies if it ends up pouring cats and dogs and sleep in a tent, basically camp for the first time in my life (big one for a city girl) and sacrifice the comfort of a clean daily shower and toilet!!!as catrina warned me after she attended fuji rock that basically u only hose urself down with water....(right thanks alot >_<) anyway should defo be the experience of a lifetime and sorta like a music pilgrimage seeing as how the festival is only a weekend fest from the 22nd-24th but god knows why the coach package leaves on wednesday when it only starts on friday, so basically we camp an extra day and err bond i guess over toilet paper stories! oh and err make friends with our other tent neighbours?!

yeah then after that my parents are coming to visit me for a bit so will be busy with them...and then they leave in early july so after that u'll hear alot more from me again!!! it's a really boring blog im sorry but then it's 6 something am now and i haven't gone to bed yet so forgive my crabbiness!!!
may post again if im not too busy running last minute errands and packing before i jet off!!!xxxx

arrivederci!( goodbye in italian) weird huh...never heard that one before!